My Poetry © 2003-2013 Shane Cloud

[Another Chance] Loving Grace

Gliding over the Frozen Waters like a Wild Otter
so far out in the middle of the lake it feels and looks like my
Shiny glasses that I’m wearing on my way to the other side
When I was thinking about Life and Myself and Nothing More

I suddenly hear a creak Breaking through Shattering
Falling downwards oh so fast a cold loud rumbling
Echoing through my Mind when a Feeling like a cold liquid nitrogen rushed up my spine
I’m helplessly Descending down into the Dark Abyss below
all I ask for is to save me God I now realize my purpose

Then I felt a warm Bright Light pulling me to the surface
You were there to Pick me up in your Heavenly Arms
and When I only thought of You when I was in dire need you still Saved me

I will always Thank You every single day and onwards
for the rest of my physical days, giving me another chance to be me.
Now realizing your Love and Mercy has timelessly linked the divine cosmos
even before creation you have kept me safely awakened and alive

Thank You My Gracious Creator, Thank You!

[Wishing You Were Real] Love

Turning Tossing Rolling
All around in My Bed
Dreaming of you Girl, The One
Sweating with no Covers
Burning Hot as a lit Flame
Believing it’s all True
Until I awoken to Myself
Only feeling oh so Lonely
Tears Descending down my Face
Wishing you were Physically Real

[My Only Dream] Love

You are my One and Only true Dream
Now that I have you in my Hands
My Love is eternally stronger than ever before I met You.
And if that Love ever Fade’s Away it would be
never More with out You!

[Soulful Prayer] Loss and Love

To you Always
As Tears Roll Down My Face
I Think About All The Wonderful Times
Those We Had With Family and some of those with Friends
Wish You Weren’t Gone although Your in a Wonderful Place
Even Though Life Is Complicated and Hardships come our way
Live Every Second of it just as if it was your Last
While I Pray I Know Your in My Heart Forever And Always
All I can say is I Love You!

[Unlucky Man] Humorous

 Poetry dot com is oh so laggy, it’s very badly, I try to wish myself to sleep,

 They need new servers a better platform and way more working Dorks

 I can’t even load a Page to save my Poem, it makes me want to go kick a Gnome

Users profiles are loading with ease while they sit in their cozy chairs and freely write unlike me                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      And I say OH-hO Come on webpage refresh, refresh please don’t make me depressed, I’m tired of being stuck,

 I desperately need to make a buck and this is just my luck , so I might go shoot a duck

 Well now my internet has shut down. What else can I do besides looking like a Clown with a frown.

[Soul Mate] Dreams Meet

It happen to have been at that exact moment in time at night when I was walking down the avenue when there were quite a few people strolling by and it happen to be myself who ran into you, who accidentally stepped on your toes. It had to happen at the right seconds of the creating cosmos and our lives. While looking down to see if I hurt you, seeing beautiful legs and a fine foot in nice heels and then looking into your amazing eyes to say I’m sorry ma’am.

That’s when my dreamland memories suddenly hit me like a sucker punch to the face, that you were the one of my dreams. My real dream girl that I have actually dreamt about multiple times before and she is standing right in front of me. I could see you looking at me and I looking at you through each others eyes and it clicked that you were reading my mind also and you felt the same way about me. That we are truly soul mates that finally met in this vast hazily world, by mistakenly bumping into each other.


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