My digital philosophy on life!


God gives our Souls the ability to Create ourselves to know one’s self.

[Love Feed]

Mentally if you wonder inside your human mind too far, always searching for more physically, it can be like wondering on a trail in a forest that you have never been on before, so if you don’t mark your surroundings and keep focused, you might find yourself distracted and missing from the path.
Love and Knowledge feeds the soul, so we all shall search all things Spiritually.

[Cosmic Connection]

A celestial connection of our true course together.

Each soul has a cosmic connection with God, we can open our eyes thus being the windows for our souls and ask him to teach us the creative knowledge of existence and grow spiritually, while to do his will or we all can keep ignoring Gods spectacular teachings by keeping the blinds closed furthermore continue to live with evil negative forces and to have no universal wisdom.


God gives us the option to love who we want to love, be who we want to be, the free will not to kill, to believe and have faith in him if we chose to or not.

Guardian of Divinity doesn’t wish for you to follow him, but to walk beside him hand to hand on your eternal journey together. Our prime creator didn’t create this conscience universe, because he felt the need to be worshiped for being the creator of all creation, but for us to love and care for one another no matter what the circumstances are as he does for us.

Divine charisma never fails to show the truth for us to never abuse,  it’s loving freedom, not forcing and letting you choose the way of your path.


At birth when our souls are entering our bodies part of our soul identities/blue prints store past present and future eternal information in the background of our personal selves. This will let us learn and grow again in a different way, so we can experience all the dimensional time space realities of higher realms and to grow forever.

[Soul Fusion]

We are at a time of mankind that we need to know the difference between organization, so we do not get confused. Our spiritual levels are way down due to all the evil and negative energy trying to control ones soul of realizing that everything in this universe is connected. With organizing material objects such as technology and digital information is a good thing, because we need to know what we are looking at or searching for. Since technology has created the internet, which is a digi-verse of digital information that is coded by computers it can be manipulated by the user or artificial intelligence.

To have an understanding of our universe, we try to explore the stars of the universe by using this technology. When all along the universe is embedded into our souls as pure energy, so we really just have to look within ourselves to understand who we really are and to overcome what problems that exists in our physical third dimensional realm. Lets appreciate that there is so many more marvelous realms and that we live for eternity even if we don’t fully understand it physically. Each dimension is like a stepping stone, we will always learn something new for infinity.

Don’t let the D/evil dark energy manipulate your physical mind knowing that G(o)od Guardian Of Divinity is the source of all mass and is prime creator of the family of light, which is you, even before creation. We the superior pure energy forms do not need technology to coexists, because we are the beings of light. You’re him and he is you, so let’s use this material technology for good and spread spiritual teachings to one another globally.

[The Essence of True Soul]

Our universal energy is connected through the whole universe and every dimension. Our soul existence has always existed for eternity, just like our creator God of all life and everything. We have a thought pattern that sends a vibration of frequencies of what we endure and think of, it will wrap around our world and travel from our galaxy to the next. Even our ancestors emotions and feelings of energy come to our soul from the same frequency and this may also cause déjà vu.

The reason we are born into the third dimension is so we can appreciate the higher loving dimensions. The lower dimensions try to keep us chained down from reaching our superior goals of blissfulness and love. Our stepping stones are to achieve spiritual goals for growth. With eternal energy it will always last forever, unless you let the evil take over you, God gives you the freedom of choice, so choose wisely. Feel your inner-soul of intuition to live in harmony.

[Pure Energy]

When we ascend from this 3rd dimensional life we can’t take a physical piece of paper with us, but we can take the memorable knowledge of what is on that piece of paper forever infused within our soul. All things in the known universe is made up of pure energy, which made the tree to make a piece of paper in the first place.

[Spiritually Detached]

The e-machine environment we’re raised in, if it’s from east to the west
a digital message will span the whole earth, it’s chatting, posting,
reading, threading, tweeting that ends up connecting us around the
world, but at the same time this technology keeps us spiritually,
physically detached from nature and one another for more extent of time.
We’re Becoming addicted to these machines and this is technically
getting embedded into young children of our future generation.


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