11 Wackiest Music Videos

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1.) Zladko Zlad – Elektronik-Supersonik

a96841 a516 eletronik

Zladko “Zlad!” Vladcik is a fictional character created by Australian comedian Santo Cilauro and is the unofficial mascot of Molvania. Over time, he has become a kind of Internet phenomenon. He is notorious on the Internet for the novelty pop song and music video “Elektronik Supersonik” which, according to Zlad!, “is a melodic fusion combining hot disco rhythms with cold war rhetoric.” “Elektronik Supersonik” is itself a kitschy, over-the-top combination of Electro, Synth Pop, and Europop. Zlad! is featured in a mullet, bushy moustache, and silver spacesuit. His lyrics are often in spoken word or badly sung, not to mention full of hilarious grammatical errors, reversed semantic units, and meta-references to thick Slavic accents.

2.) Armi & Danny – I Wanna Love You Tender

a96841 a516 love you tender2

This 80’s Finnish music video called “I Wanna Love You Tender” by Armi & Danny is widely known as the worst…

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