Whistleblower releases US troop sacrifice video

Global Elite TV | Alternative Media

A whistleblower’s video that hit YouTube over the weekend is sure to outrage many Americans already questioning foreign-policy and the legitimacy of the War on Terror.

Already being questioned as one of the worst foreign-policy disasters in American political history, with the advent of long-overdue admissions by the mainstream media about Bush administration falsifications in the run-up to the War on Terror, the more people continue to learn about what actually goes on in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan the worse those fabrications appear.

Once Wikileaks released the now infamous videos of innocent Iraqi civilians and journalists being gunned down by US warships in 2007, with soldiers openly relishing the brutally dehumanizing murders as they were being committed, the reality of war shocked the entire country and the way in which the US and its allies were engaging innocents in other countries brought the entire war into question.

A video…

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