The Divine Truth

inner truthby Shane Cloud

The Divine Truth is Within Yourself.

Why do we have so many religions on this planet? This is a question that many of us ask ourselves. The true messiah taught that organized religion is evil, because no one person should be categorized since we are all one.

Organized Religion organizes each individual in societies and religions, so they can keep them controlled and separated at the same time. That’s not the way it should be, but unfortunately that’s how it is.

We are living in what the Bible describes as “perilous times” popularly known as the End of the Age (2 Timothy 3:1). Many religions of our world are endeavoring vigorously to achieve a false unity at the expense of the Bible’s clear teachings. Much of this effort is being implemented through the employment of counterfeit or vague terminology. Words that are given different meanings sound like the truth but in reality are “doctrines of devils”, or “doctrines that demons teach” 1 Timothy 4:1,

The Knowing of Organization

The number one thing we need to fully understand about organizing is that you do not arrange an individual person/soul, because we are all one and the same in this cosmic life. Don’t be a part of a particular group of people who make fun of other people, that chooses sides and brag about themselves just because you think their amazing and cool. They’re not amazing nor cool they will just drag you down, but show them in a inspiring way that you will not follow their example and maybe it will open their eyes.

Start taking a look at all life in a complete viewpoint of “I Am You”, so no one person is labeled like a worthless object and start to being an inspiration wherever you go in life. We need to recognize the importance of emotional feelings in each individual, so we can always share a positive atmosphere within this negative controlling world. The power of knowledge is knowing what the real truth is and how to share it, not to hide it for your on empowerment.

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” ~ Hebrews 13:2

You are the Real Source of True Power! Don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Every soul is Connected with a universal code of light and energy as a whole language through Guardian Of Divinity. We live in an age where technology is taking away our positive spirits and making us think that we can’t create without this technology. You have the soul ability to create yourself to know one’s self. We should be dedicated to help open imprisoned minds to the higher realms of creative realities by using these digital tools and to make people realize that together we are all within Gods pure existence!

We are at a time of mankind that we need to know the difference between organization, so we do not get confused. Our spiritual levels are way down due to all the evil and negative energy trying to control our souls of realizing that everything in this universe is connected. With organizing material objects such as technology and digital information is a good thing, because we need to know what we are looking at or searching for.  So it is fine to organize material objects, but do not organize a soul since we are all part of the same divine creation. Knowing the spirit of yourself.

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Since technology has created the internet, which is like a digi-verse aka digital universe of information that is coded by computers it can be manipulated by a user or artificial intelligence. You can start to be aware of these things in today’s society if you just look for it and question it.

Freewill gives you the ability to “Question Everything so you can Find the True Answers” , so I even say question this article that you’re reading. I think free-will is beautiful and caring, don’t you? You can make your own choices and decisions, even if you close yourself off and don’t believe anymore. There will always be someone to help guide the way, if need be it a heavenly power, a person in the physical world or an individual on the digital web.

We need to create as many positive resources as we can to help the true word of knowledge and to share it with the whole world. Due to all the negative energy forces swarming around, we lose hope, knowledge and wisdom. Let’s become more awakened and ascend spiritually by these social platforms. It is time for us to come together Globally and show people who are distracted by this same digital space that we use and help them Brighten their Light to Glow Wonderfully for another Soul to Share equally.

Sending Positive Vibrations with one Touch!

Anything is Possible! Create and Share your Ideas. Using Technology for Good Purposes!

To have an understanding of our universe, we try to explore the stars of the universe by using this technology. When all along the universe is embedded into our souls as pure energy, so we really just have to look within ourselves to understand who we really are and to overcome what problems that exists in our physical reality. We should be excited everyday to know that there is a heaven and to appreciate that our divine soul lives for eternity. We will always stay together through the creation of love, hope and Guardian Of Divinity, that is the divine promise.

Don’t let evil manipulate your mind, body and spirit to forget that G(o)od Guardian Of Divinity is the source of all mass and is prime creator of the family of light, which is you, even before creation. Remember we are pure energy and do not need technology to coexists, because we are the beings of light that vessel these bodies for experiences. So again let’s use this material technology for good and spread spiritual teachings to one another globally.

Let’s be dedicated to inspire others to help one another!

Reprogram yourself to seek your own divine truth and then share it.
Remember sharing is caring.

Shane Cloud is a Blogger, PC tech, Researcher and a Truthseeker. He enjoys sharing his knowledge freely as well as helping anyone he can. 

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